Art & Installation

Joshua Bienko’s work combines the style of the Flemish masters with the ironic wit of an astute social critic.   His precise execution of technique is more of an authentic mental exercise than an emotionally driven expression. What emerges is a heartfelt distance from his subject.  His videos, photographs, paintings, interactive sculptures, audio tracks and drawings are nationally and internationally exhibited.
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Philip Galanter’s areas of interest include generative art, physical computing, sound art and music, complexity science, and art theory. His artistic work includes generative hardware systems of his own design, installations, digital fine art prints, and light-box transparencies. His work has been shown in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and Peru.
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Carol LaFayette’s  interests are in film, video and conceptual art with an emphasis on the language of images.  Her recent work has been in the field of interactive immersive art installations.
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Mary Ciani Saslow considers herself an artist comfortable working in both traditional and digital painting media.  
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