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Study Away Options

The College of Architecture has a college-wide (REQUIRED) initiative to help broaden the experiences of its students through travel and cultural immersion.

This is to take place during a long-semester (fall or spring) of the students junior year after taking VIST 206 and before taking VIST 405.

Study Abroad Information Sheet

Study Abroad

Study abroad specifically refers to courses offered through Education Abroad at Texas A&M.

The department offers two options that are highly suggested:

Study Away

Study away is available for any student to study at another university outside of Texas but within the curriculum.


This option allows an individual to attain an internship that includes mentorship and pay from a company within the field of focus. This must be documented with the internship coordinator and the company. Pre-approval is required. 

Reciprocal Educational Exchange Program (REEP)

The REEP option allows students to participate in pre-arranged study away options.

The most common programs attended by visualization students include:




For more information about the B.S. in Visualization program, please contact:

Jill Raupe
Academic Advisor