BS-Viz Curriculum

The Visualization degree is a four year undergraduate degree and requires a minimum of 120 credit hours. The curriculum integrates aspects of fine arts, three-dimensional design and digital technology into the studio experience.


Curriculum as of Fall 2013

University Core Curriculum     Visualization Curriculum  
Communications 6   Visualization Studio 28
Mathematics 8   Art History 3
Humanities 3   Communication 8
Natural Sciences 8   Programming 7
Kinesiology 2   Visualization Technology 8
US History and Political Science 12   Directed Electives (arts) 15
Social and Behavioral Science 3   Free Electives 6
Visual & Performing Arts 3      

Course Catalog

Linked below are the undergraduate courses most relevant to the visualization program. Included in the listing are the course number, course title, number of lecture and laboratory hours per week, number of credits, course description, and course prerequisites.

ARTS Courses
VIST Courses


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