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Student Research 2013

Abnormal Gait Synthesis

Amber Playle

Amber is using motion capture to analyze the gait patterns of healthy and injured canines.

Watch Amber's Viz Symposium video




Creative Character Design Style

Anahita Salimi

Anahita is creating a unique character style by combining 2D and 3D design elements.

Watch Anahita's Viz Symposium video


Final Frontier

Brian Smith

Brian's body of work explores the cognitive shift experienced by astronauts as they leave the Earth.

Watch Brian's Viz Symposium video



Lefty & Boomer

Caleb Jackson

Caleb is creating a collaborative short film that combines 3D animation with live action.

Watch Caleb's Viz Symposium video


Absence Makes the Mind Grow Scared-er

Catherine Hervey

Catherine's body of work explores how the absence of something affects the audience's experience.

Watch Catherine's Viz Symposium video


A Qualitative Comparison of Scripting Languages used for Image Synthesis

Chris Potter

Chris is comparing the quality of ray tracing programs coded in different programming languages.

Watch Chris's Viz Symposium video


 The Presence of Absence: Loss and Memory

Christine Li

Christine's body of work uses 3D animation to explore themes of loss and memory.

Watch Christine's Viz Symposium video


Fluid Simulation Based Character Design

Cong Wang

Cong is using fluid fire simulation to emulate hair on 3D characters.

Watch Cong's Viz Symposium video


Modular Shapeshifting of Rigged Characters

Dane Shannon-Sparks

Dane is exploring methods of morphing between different characters in an art-directable way.

Watch Dane's Viz Symposium video


Breaking Glass

David Monroe

David is developing a procedural tool for creating realistic art-directable glass shatter.

Watch David's Viz Symposium video


An Approach to Painterly Rendering

Garrett Broussard

Garrett is developing a tool to allow standard 3D animations to be rendered in a painterly style.

Watch Garrett's Viz Symposium video


Quick Recognition of Characters through Level of Detail Manipulation

Jack Eggebrecht

Jack is creating a tool to help character artists improve quick recognition of game characters.

Watch Jack's Viz Symposium video


A Tool for the Art-Directable Incorporation of FEM-Drive Soft Body Simulation with Keyframed Skeletal Animation

Jacob Zimmer

Jacob is working on creating a Maya tool that will allow users to incorporate soft body dynamics with keyframed animation.

Watch Jacob's Viz Symposium video


Learn and Play with Tablets Using Soft Toys

Janelle Arita

Janelle's work focuses on improving children's interaction with digital devices through the use of soft toys.

Watch Janelle's Viz Symposium video

60-Second Storytelling

Jeff Gustafson

Jeff's body of work is focused on creating narrative live action shorts in 60 seconds.

Watch Jeff's Viz Symposium video



Kelly Kin

Kelly's body of work uses 3D animation to explore dreams and the subconscious.

Watch Kelly's Viz Symposium video



Open Rigging Through XML

Logan Kelly

Logan's work is focused on making rigging more user-friendly by using a node-based interface.

Watch Logan's Viz Symposium video


Morgan Jenks

Morgan's body of work is focused on creating songs and visuals using physically-based systems.

Watch Morgan's Viz Symposium video




Phobias as Entities and Experiences

Rachel Cunningham

Rachel's body of work analyzes characteristics of different phobias and attempts to tame them.

Watch Rachel's Viz Symposium video


Using Open Source Asset Management System to interface with Maya

Rakesh Ramesh

Rakesh is using asset management software to create an open source pipeline and integrate it with Maya.

Watch Rakesh's Viz Symposium video


Carnal Maps

RJ Pena

RJ's body of work focuses on the differences between explicit and implicit memory.

Watch RJ's Viz Symposium video


Sketch-Based Animation Tool for Character Animation

Sean Low

Sean's research is focused on creating a sketch-based animation tool for Maya using hand-drawn curves. 

Watch Sean's Viz Symposium video


Computer Graphics and Historical Costume

Trisha Cleveland

Trisha's research focuses on creating believable period clothing made with appropriate fabrics by using paintings and clothing patterns to create 3D versions.

Watch Trisha's Viz Symposium video


Spirituality, Stillness, Sight

Tyler Rosas

Tyler is exploring depictions of the Apostles in scripture and reinterpreting them as interactive art.

Watch Tyler's Viz Symposium video


A Collision Deformer for Maya

Wei Wang

Wei is working on creating a deformer for Maya that allows users to create collision effects without running simulations.

Watch Wei's Viz Symposium video