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Student Research 2011


scot andreason

Uncanny Valley in Digital Faces

Scot Andreason

Scot’s research focuses on trying to simulate the uncanny valley in digital faces. This presentation includes his current attempts to simulate it.

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3D Painting
Ariel Chisholm

His committee includes Prof. Joshua Bienko, Prof. Carol LaFayette and Prof. Richard Davison

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current research

Current Research
Austin Hines

Austin introduces his new thesis of creating a philosophical film "Now and Everlasting".

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heather howard 

Group Based Rigging of Realistic  Feathered Wings
Heather Howard

Heather’s research focuses on creating a rigging system for a feathered wing based on a real birds wing movement and feathers. The wing, similar to a human arm, would be rigged in a similar manner while the feather groups would be simpli?ed to a fan shape in movement and range.

Watch Heather’s Viz Symposium video

phasing loops

Phasing Loops
Rodrigo Guinski

Rodrigo’s research focuses on phasing loops.

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generative sculptures 

Generative Sculptures
Sowjanya Kollu

Sowjanya’s research focuses on generative sculptures through use of patterns.

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jose montalvo

A Painterly Approach to Light Transfer in Participating Media
Jose Guinea Montalvo

Jose is researching alternative methods to achieving light transport through participating media based on diffuse scattering and discreet simplification of the participating media. Jose’s research goal is to achieve control and visually compelling result of light transport. In his free time he also strives to reach the light at the end of this tunnel.

Watch Jose’s Viz Symposium video

collage sculptures

Collage Sculptures
Elizabeth Muhm

Elizabeth’s research focuses on creating collage sculptures.

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Brandi Parrish

Brandi’s research focuses on chimera. She uses a program she created to generate chimera based on their genetic makeup.

Watch Brandi’s Viz Symposium video

thesis work

Thesis Work
Natalie Pittman

Natalie introduces her current thesis work.

Watch Natalie’s Viz Symposium video

thesis work

Thesis Work
Julie Pool 

Julie’s thesis research aims to analyze and compare existing movement notation systems to identify concepts and symbols that could be adapted to meet the specific needs of computer animators. She will then use these concepts to design new symbols and then combine and streamline them make a shorthand system that would be intuitive and useful to animators.

Watch Julie’s Viz Symposium video

figuring things out

Figuring Things Out
Ganesh Rao

Ganesh introduces his current work and future plans.

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gpu accelerated fluid sim in houdini

GPU Accelerated Fluid Sim in Houdini
Mat Sandford

Mat’s research focuses on GPU accelerated fluid sim in Houdini.

Watch Mat’s Viz Symposium video

seth schwartz

Goal-directed Locomotion of Tentacled Creatures
Seth Schwartz 

Seth’s thesis research attempts to produce visually plausible tentacle motion with minimal input from an animator. The tentacled creature will be physically based and procedural. It would be capable of moving about and reacting to its own environment. His committee includes Prof. Tim McLaughlin, Prof. Philip Galanter and Prof. John Keyser.

Watch Seth’s Viz Symposium video

suruchi sharma

Thesis Motivation: Towards Believable Lace Texturing in 3D
Suruchi Sharma

Suruchi introduces her thesis motivation of creating believable lace texturing in 3D. She shows current films use in lace and compares it to traditional artwork, and points out the flaws and improvements she plans to undertake for her thesis.

Watch Suruchi’s Viz Symposium video

dream home

Dream Home
Hemali Tanna

Hemali’s focus shows concept art for dream homes, such as a butterfly house.

megan walker

Attractiveness in Animated Characters
Megan Walker

Megan’s research focuses on the characteristics that make animated characters attractive. She introduces current research in the topic and her future plans on research work in the field.

Watch Megan’s Viz Symposium video

node based GUI design

Node-Based GUI Design
Tim Withers

Tim’s research focuses on node-based GUI design for visual effects.

Watch Tim’s Viz Symposium video