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Art & Installation

Richard Davison

Davison’s areas of interest include design communication, drawing, painting, and color theory.


Howard Eilers

Howard's recent photography explores elements of landscape, design, and fun in Park City, Utah. His interest areas also include multimedia and web design.

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Sherman Finch

Sherman Finch is a hybrid artist who works in both traditional and digital forms of art and media, with a special emphasis in the area of creative interaction and sonification. Using a variety of tools, media, and approaches, his work involves deconstructing and re-contextualizing forms and images to create new meaning and challenge the viewer to reconsider traditional conventions about the visual experience.

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Phillip Galanter

Philip Galanter’s areas of interest include generative art, physical computing, sound art and music, complexity science, and art theory. His artistic work includes generative hardware systems of his own design, installations, digital fine art prints, and light-box transparencies. His work has been shown in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, and Peru.

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Felice House

Felice's paintings portray women in roles typically associated with men, with her recent work focusing on Western themes.

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Carol LaFayette

Carol builds remote sensing devices to explore interconnections of flora, fauna, and phenomena in rural landscapes.

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Nathan Madrid

Nathan is currently creating a body of work for an upcoming solo show this fall called, “Portraits of the Others.”

“The Others” refer to people that are labeled and identified to be outside of Western societal norms because of their differences to the aesthetic or political ideal.

This series investigates our culture’s perception of “the other and otherness” and how prescribed labels determine society’s behavior toward a social group because of race, gender, sex, class, and religion. When someone is perceived to challenge the dominant group’s value and beliefs, he or she are marginalized and excluded. Through my paintings, viewers are actively challenged to situate themselves in relation to those depicted, to embrace the diversity of others or marginalize them.

Read more and see examples of Nathan’s work.


Krista Steinke

Straddling the lines between photo document, abstract experimentation, and visual poetry, my work explores human-environmental relationships and photography’s role in how we navigate the physical and cultural landscape. The ebb and flow of nature, mesmeric quality of light, and a longing to feel connected to the natural world within the chaos of contemporary life are some thematic threads that run through my work. Driven by experimental processes, I am interested in setting up scenarios that embrace the mystery of optics, element of chance, and the conceptual impact of materials, looking for ways to work with the photographic medium that can speak to both its past as well as its future.

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