Morgan Macfarlane Jenks

Assistant Professor of Practice


Department of Visualization


Bachelor of Music, Composition, Sam Houston State University, 2011; MFA Visualization, Texas A&M University, 2014.


Professor Jenks is a musician, programmer, visual artist and professor of design and interactive media. He creates installations and gallery pieces, writes songs and improvises through them along with generative electronic music and visuals. He is highly interested in liveness in electronic music and how real-time computation can synergize with human performance. He has a passion for mathematical patterns and the brilliance of living systems. CGI and imagery of plants and earth form the basis for most of his visual materials. He also deeply loves people; his lyrical work focuses on relationships between people as well as the relationship between humanity and the non-man-made.

Photo of Morgan Macfarlane Jenks

Langford A105