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Summer Animation Course with DreamWorks

Summer Animation Course with DreamWorks

posted August 23, 2012
Every year, for the past twelve years, the Department of Visualization has collaborated with a leading animation studio to give the students a condensed “real-world” production experience. This year, students taking the Summer Industry Course (VIZA 627) worked with artists and CG professionals from DreamWorks Animation to produce four animated shorts.
24 Aggies at Pixar help create summer blockbuster 'Brave'

24 Aggies help create boxoffice hit 'Brave'

posted August 3, 2012
From painting the lush Scottish landscape, lighting and shading scenes, and putting the curl in princess Merida's shock of bright red hair, 24 former Texas A&M visualization students working at Pixar Animation Studios made major contributions to the summer blockbuster, “Brave.”
Prof leads NSF network effort to bridge gaps between art, science

Prof leads NSF effort aimed to bridge gap between art, science

posted August 2, 2012
Artists and scientists looking to bridge the gap between their disciplines in a NSF-funded effort headed by visualization professor Carol LaFayette, touted the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration in position paper.