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Viz undergrads showcase work in May 2 art, animation exhibition

Undergrad Vizzer exhibition slated for 5 p.m. Wednesday

posted April 30, 2012
Art and animations created by undergraduate visualization students will be showcased May 2 in a semester-culminating exhibition at the Langford Architecture Center.
Interdisciplinary projects to include Viz, LAND students

New interdisciplinary classes to begin at Texas A&M this fall

posted April 27, 2012
Visualization and landscape architecture students will be working with counterparts from numerous other disciplines working on groundbreaking projects made possible by a new interdisciplinary initiative at Texas A&M.
Viz students unleash creativity at Viz-a-GoGo in downtown Bryan

Viz-a-GoGo 19 slated May 3-5 in Bryan

posted April 20, 2012
Was it Professor Plum in the conservatory with a wrench? You'll get a “Clue” as a board game-styled murder mystery unfolds during the interstitial segments of Viz-a-GoGo 19, the annual showcase of digital wizardry created by students in the Master of Science in Visualization program at Texas A&M.
PIXAR Aggies

PIXAR Aggies

posted April 19, 2012
It’s always a pleasure to have representatives from CG studios meet with (and recruit) our students, especially when those visiting our department happen to be former students.
Artist In Residence – Jack Stenner

Artist In Residence – Jack Stenner

posted April 18, 2012
The final Spring Artist-in-Residence was internationally exhibited artist, Jack Stenner.
Movement Studies

Movement Studies

posted April 16, 2012
During the first week of April students in the ARTS 308 sculpture class executed their third mini-exhibition – “Movement Studies.” Eleven solo and team projects explored kinesthetic qualities of the body and nature.
Blue Sky Studios – Procedural Imagery

Blue Sky Studios – Procedural Imagery

posted April 6, 2012
Andrew Schneider, Senior FX Technical Director at Blue Sky Studios, spent a day at the Department of Visualization meeting with students to conduct one-on-one demo reel critiques.
Electronic Arts – Videogame Technical Artists

EA Videogame Technical Artists

posted April 6, 2012
André Thomas, a CG Supervisor from Electronic Arts, spoke to students and faculty about the various skill sets that are often required of videogame technical artists, including modeling, rigging, visual effects, motion graphics, interactive design, lighting, shading and tool development.
Artist In Residence – Thecla Schiphorst

AiR - Thecla Schiphorst

posted April 3, 2012
As part of the Idea Lab Artist in Residence program, media artist/designer Thecla Schiphorst visited the College of Architecture on March 26th.