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Paul Debevec visits TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter

Paul Debevec visits TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH

posted February 17, 2012
February 14th marked the official first-year of the TAMU ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter. To honor the occasion, members of the organization invited computer graphics industry leader Paul Debevec to Texas A&M to meet with faculty and students of the Visualization Department and give a public talk at the SIGGRAPH chapter’s “birthday” celebration.
Vizzers animate virtual characters with San Jose State counterparts

Ag Vizzers, SJSU students work on animation designs

posted February 15, 2012
Master of Science in Visualization students at Texas A&M and their counterparts at San Jose State University in California are collaborating in a virtual classroom this spring to create three dimensional, animated characters.
Artist In Residence – Andrew Ellis Johnson

Artist In Residence Andrew Ellis Johnson

posted February 15, 2012
On Monday February 6th , Artist and Professor Andrew Ellis Johnson visited with students participating in the Artist in Residence IdeaLab, covering a wide range of topics and ideas.
Exploring Stop Motion

Exploring Stop Motion

posted February 14, 2012
The VIST-206 students presented 30 seconds stop motion animations for their first project of the semester. Students developed their own stories relating to nature thematically.
Architectural drawing textbook features Arch, Viz student work

Arch, Viz students' work to be featured in design textbook

posted February 8, 2012
An upcoming edition of a classic textbook featuring a comprehensive collection of architectural drawing conventions and techniques will include examples of Texas A&M architecture and visualization student work.
Sculptures Exhibited on Campus

Sculptures Exhibited on Campus

posted February 3, 2012
On an overcast February morning, the sculpture class (ARTS 308) exhibited life cast sculptures as a form of public art around the campus. The students used a simple, inexpensive and quick casting technique, applying a layer of plastic wrap and then a layer of packing tape.
Artist In Residence – Leah Buechley

Artist In Residence – Leah Buechley

posted February 1, 2012
Leah Buechley visited with participants in the Artist in Residence IdeaLab, showing projects developed in the High-Low Tech Research Group at MIT’s Media Lab.