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Viz professors' immersive exhibit featured at Swedish art festival

Fest exhibits profs' immersive project

posted June 30, 2011
Visitors to the 2011 Luleå Art Biennial in Sweden are taking a virtual trip in an underground ant colony in “atta,” an immersive installation by Carol LaFayette and Fred Parke, professors of visualization. At left, patrons wear Stereovision glasses to view the colony on four screens arranged in a semicircle.
Faculty Exhibit at the 2011 Lulea Art Biennial, Sweden

Faculty Exhibit Lulea Art Biennial

posted June 28, 2011
Viz faculty Carol LaFayette and Fred Parke exhibited the immersive installation “atta,” at the 2011 Lulea Biennial, Sweden.
Aggie Vizzers ‘car-ify’ the globe in ‘Cars 2’ with upscaled scenes

Vizzers ‘car-ify’ the globe in ‘Cars 2’

posted June 22, 2011
Former students helped take “Cars 2” all the way from Radiator Springs to Japan and Europe for a visual adventure that Lightning McQueen and Mater will never forget. The sequel was produced by Pixar and distributed by Walt Disney Studios.