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Master of Fine Arts
Master of Science
PhD Option

Master of Fine Arts Program

The Master of Fine Arts in Visualization is a technology infused visual arts oriented degree that complements the existing Master of Science in Visualization by expanding post-graduate opportunities to include university level faculty positions, self employment as a contemporary artist, and art direction in digital media. Students master the use of artistic visual communication and expression through the combined use of digital and analog mediums. The curriculum is highly interdisciplinary and encourages development of new technologies and creative applications to create deeper insight and understanding. Graduates are equipped with an uncommon balance of artistic insight and technical prowess that sets them apart from their peers. The MFA-V is unique in the State of Texas, and one of only a handful of programs of this kind in the United States.

Master of Science Program

The Master of Science in Visualization is designed to prepare students for a range of long-term careers in visualization. The program helps students develop the focused expertise and broad foundation knowledge needed in this rapidly developing field. The program’s core curriculum is designed to give all students a basic grasp of the artistic, scientific, cognitive, and technical foundations of the discipline. Beyond this broad training, the program requires students to develop a strong focus area of advanced expertise, and to complete a research thesis in this focus area.

PhD Option

The doctoral program in Architecture focuses primarily on research and the development and dissemination of new knowledge. The Ph.D. program aims to create new knowledge and advance the state of the art in specific fields, including visualization, and to prepare students for careers in research and teaching.


Inquiries should be directed to :

Dr . Lou Tassinary
Associate Department Head,  Graduate Programs Coordinator
Department of Visualization
3137 TAMU
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-3137
phone: 979.845.3465