Graduate Course Catalog

Linked below are the graduate courses most relevant to the visualization program. Included in the listing are the course number, course title, number of lecture and laboratory hours per week, number of Credits: hours, course description, and course prerequisites.

VIZA Courses 

CARC Courses


Electives Available in the Visualization Program

Animation Focus

VIZA 615, Computer Animation (Spring Semester)

VIZA 617, Advanced Animation (Fall and Spring Semesters)

VIZA 618, Facial Modeling and Animation (spring Semester)

Art/Design/Multimedia Focus

VIZA 614, Form/Installation/Environment (Spring Semester)

VIZA 623, Design Communication II (Spring Semester)

VIZA 626, Generative Art and Design

VIZA 627, Design Communication III (Summer Semester)

VIZA 641, Visual Storytelling (Fall Semester)

VIZA 644, Time Based Media II (Spring Semester)

VIZA 647, Color Photography (Fall Semester)

VIZA 662, Physical Computing for Art and Design

Visualization Science Focus

VIZA 616, Rendering and Shading (Spring Semester)

VIZA 659, Physically Based Modeling (Fall Semester)

VIZA 670, Computational Geometry [CPSC 620](offered occasionally)

VIZA 672, Computer Graphics [CPSC 641](Spring Semester)

VIZA 675, Geometric Modeling [CPSC 645](Fall Semester)

Special Topics

VIZA 658, Experimental Visual Techniques (offered occasionally)

VIZA 685, Problems in Visualization (by arrangement)

VIZA 689, Special Topics (offered occasionally)


Suggested Electives

These are suggested electives from other programs outside the Department of Visuzaliation.


MUSC 316, Music and Technology

MUSC 317, Sound Recording

MUSC 318, Electronic Composition

MUSC 402, Music and Sound for Media


THAR 355, Costume Design

THAR 360, Basic Stage Lighting

THAR 385, Playwriting

Computer Science

CPSC 625, Artificial Intelligence

CPSC 636, Neural Networks

CPSC 643, Robotics Programming (cross listed as VIZA 673)

CPSC 671, Computer-Human Interaction