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Portfolio Guidelines

Visual Portfolio Guidelines

The review committee looks for quality of visual work in the portfolio. Quality is more important than any other consideration. The reviewers are interested in your ability to use color and visualize three-dimensional form and space. Any medium or combination of media is acceptable: drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, modeling, or work in time-based arts. Preference is not given to digitally created works. Work done in traditional media often provides better insights into the artist’s skills and maturity.

The reviewers are also interested in a conceptual basis for the works or body of work submitted. For this reason, it may be appropriate to compose a portfolio determined primarily by consistency of ideas represented. Likewise, it may be appropriate for those with a technical background to include work that demonstrates their approach to visual problem solving.

Only submit what you consider to be examples of your best work.

Please give credit to collaborators and to software used in addition to any other aspect of the work not entirely  your creation (e.g. music credits, use of Poser output, etc.)

Please make your portfolio submission complete and easy to handle. The review committee is concerned with the time required to review your work. If the process is efficient, you will make a more favorable impression.

Visual Portfolio Submission Options

Visual Portfolios may be submitted in the following formats only:

Website (preferred)

We strongly prefer that visual portfolios be submitted as a website. If you submit your portfolio as a website, you only need to include the URL for your site on your submitted resume. Brief written descriptions (including media, size, date, etc.) of the works submitted is required as part of the website.

Portfolio website information should be sent to


Time-based works (maximum total length three minutes) may be submitted on DVD (region 0 or 1). A brief written description of the works submitted is required.

Note: Do not submit two-dimensional works (paintings, drawings, photos, etc.) on video DVD! Video image quality is not adequate to carefully evaluate such work.


These should be created with the following folders/directories as appropriate (a separate folder/directory for each file type): /html, /images, /mov, /avi, /swf, /pdf. Images should be limited to the following types: gif, jpg, bmp or tif. Brief written descriptions of the works submitted are required. If you want to create an HTML presentation of the work submitted, create it in the top-level directory.

Do not send original art work!

CDs and DVDs may be mailed to:
    Application Portfolio
    Visualization Graduate Programs
    C108 Langford Center
    Texas A&M University
    3137 TAMU
    College Station, TX 77843-3137


Portfolio items will NOT be returned unless arrangements are made for them to be picked up or a self-addressed stamped envelope, with sufficient postage, is included with the portfolio. In no case will portfolio material be stored for more than one year.