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Career Paths

The Department of Visualization is known for producing highly skilled artists and technicians that carry the Aggie family to a myriad of different facets of the animation, gaming, and graphics industry. Below are some positions that our graduates can achieve, as well as skills sheets filled out by industry collaborators that detail the expectations of different levels of each position in the workplace. Also provided are suggestions for coursework and elective choices and some stories of Viz graduates that are in the industry now.


Animation Focus

Animator - Skills Sheet ( Icon 54.3 KB)

Concept Artist
Concept Artist - Skills Sheet ( Icon 105.4 KB)

Layout Artist
Layout Artist - Skills Sheet ( Icon 50.2 KB)

Lighting Artist
Lighting Artist - Skills Sheet ( Icon 81.6 KB)

Motion Graphics Artist

Shading & Surfacing Artist
Shading & Surfacing Artist - Skills Sheet ( Icon 56.6 KB)

Front End Designer
Front End Designer - Skills Sheet ( Icon 58.0 KB)

Modeler - Skills Sheet ( Icon 139.8 KB)

Production - Skills Sheet ( Icon 50.7 KB)

Game Play Programmer
Game Play Programmer - Skills Sheet ( Icon 52.3 KB)

Mobile Developer/Programmer
Mobile Developer - Skills Sheet ( Icon 55.2 KB)

Rigger - Skills Sheet ( Icon 131.6 KB)

Technical Artist - Games
Games Technical Artist - Skills Sheet ( Icon 90.6 KB)

Technical Director - Effects Animation
TD Effects Animation - Skills Sheet ( Icon 56.4 KB)

Technical Director - Generalist
TD Generalist - Skills Sheet ( Icon 82.0 KB)

Technical Director - Global Technology
TD Global Technology - Skills Sheet ( Icon 51.4 KB)


Game Focus

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Graphic Focus

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