A 16 Year Reflection on the Gaming Industry

Harvey Smith

May 6th , Harvey Smith spoke to students and faculty about his experience in the gaming industry, current trends, and the possible future of this field.  Harvey is a game designer who is co-directing a project at Arkane Studios in Austin, TX. He has been making games professionally since 1993, with a focus on immersive first-person games with depth, story and RPG features. At Ion Storm, Smith was lead designer of the award winning game Deus Ex, which received a BAFTA ward in 2000, and project director of Deus Ex: Invisible War. Previously, he was creative director at Midway Games (Austin) and lead designer of Fireteam at Multitude. Smith won the Game Design Challenge at GDC 2006 with his concept “Peace Bomb”, a game aimed at winning the Nobel Peace Prize and has spoken at numerous game conferences.

posted May 6, 2010