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Texas A&M University College of Architecture

How to Reach Us During COVID-19 Isolations

During this period of “social distancing,” our staff may often be working remotely. Staff are available via email and phone during normal work hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.).

FOR SIGNATURES: Most signatures can be obtained electronically by scanning and emailing the form to the appropriate person. Evan a digital photo of the form (rather than a scan) will work. We expect OGAPS to accept digital signatures, but if you have forms that require the original signature of the department head or a staff member, please slide them COMPLETELY under the office door, and notify by email the person whose signature is needed. Signed forms will be returned within one business day. They will be left in sealed envelopes on our office door.

PHONE FOR ASSISTANCE: (979) 845-3465

Jill Raupe (
Academic Advisor III Undergraduate Advising

Traci Zaragoza (
Administrative Coordinator I
Undergraduate Programs support

Staci Dunn (
Administrative Coordinator II
Graduate Programs support

Stasha Kraguljac (
Senior Administrative Coordinator I
Faculty support

Glen Vigus (
Senior Visualization Production Specialist
Production Studios
Equipment Checkout

Bill Jenks (
Assistant Department Head
Department Operations
Student Organizations & Activities

Tim McLaughlin (
Department Head