Students may sign up for a minor if they meet the requirements to do so, please have less than 70 hours and a 3.0. 


Art Minor, New Media Emphasis or Traditional Media Emphasis

Three emphases within the minor, traditional media, new media and visual culture. A minimum of six hours of 300-400 level courses is required.

Students must have a minimum cumulative GPR of 3.00 and must maintain a “C” average or better in all courses completed as part of the minor in Art. The student’s home college/department may grant, with agreement from the Department of Visualization, transfer credit of no more than six credit hours. Transfer credit will not be accepted for any 300- or 400-level course. Credit for study abroad (CARC) courses may not be applied to the minor in Art if an on-campus course containing similar content is offered.

A grade of 'C' or better is required for all courses used towards the minor. Per University guidelines, the student’s home college/department is responsible for advising students pursuing a minor in Art.

Request to Add a Minor in Art ( Icon 102.1 KB)


Game Design and Development Minor

The Minor in Game Design and Development offers students the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills associated with the aesthetic and technical aspects of game creation.  The minor consists of 16 credit hours, 10 credit hours are required courses and six are from a prescribed menu of courses.  The minor provides a foundation in the principles of game design and software development.  Students develop core competencies, collaborate on the design and development of game projects, and engage in authentic, situated creative problem-solving to broaden their horizons as interdisciplinary team members.

Request to Add a Game Design & Development Minor ( Icon 83.9 KB)



Specific information for students interested in an art minor or game design and development minor contact information is available below.

Undergraduate Advising
Jill Raupe


Print the minor form you which to pursue
Complete and bring to Jill Raupe to sign
Drop form off at the registrars office