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Student Research 2012


John Pettingill

John is leading a collaborative student group to create a short 3D film.

Watch John's Viz Symposium video

Weecho Velasquez

Weecho’s work focuses on how the internet uses CG to visualize and advertise fetishes and relationships.

Watch Weecho's Viz Symposium video

Stephanie Keske

Stephanie’s work focuses on how students use online communication tools to collaborate on multi-located group animation projects.

Watch Stephanie's Viz Symposium video

Tyler Rosas

Tyler is conducting a case study on an independent collaborative multi-located group animation project.

Watch Tyler's Viz Symposium video

Perceptual Animation

Spencer Cureton

Spencer is working on generating procedural quadrupedal gait patterns based on video footage.

Watch Spencer's Viz Symposium video

Applying hand-drawn effects design principles to the creation of 3D effects

Sarah Beth Eisinger

Sarah Beth’s research focuses on applying hand-drawn effects design principles to the creation of 3D effects.

Watch Sarah's Viz Symposium video

Man Li

Man Li is interested in combining aesthetics from hip-hop and traditional Chinese culture.

Watch Man's Viz Symposium video

Modular rigging utilizing XML and node-based editing

Logan Kelly

Logan’s research focuses on creating a node-based interface for making 3D character rigs.

Watch Logan's Viz Symposium video

Open-source procedural fur styling system

Landon Hagan

Landon is working on creating an open-source fur plug-in for Maya.

Watch Landon's Viz Symposium video

Splat generation and rendering for nebulae and galaxies

Kendall Litaker

Kendall’s research focuses on generating realistic looking 3D particle systems to represent nebulae and galaxies.

Watch Kendall's Viz Symposium video

Perception-based locomotion generation for quadrupedal characters

Junze Zhou

Junze’s research focuses on creating a simple user-friendly animation system that creates cyclic animations for quadrupedal characters.

Watch Junze's Viz Symposium video


Jeff Gustafson

Jeff is creating a short 3D film based on Ragnarök, a story by Jorge Luis Borges.

Watch Jeff's Viz Symposium video

Companion gaming

Jake Ross

Jake’s research focuses on studying the successfulness of video games that have additional companion games or apps.

Watch Jake's Viz Symposium video

Dream Home

Hemali Tanna

Hemali’s research focuses on creating a visualization of her dream home, modeled after butterflies.

Watch Hemali's Viz Symposium video

Thandav Nritya

Ganesh Rao

Ganesh’s work centers on collaborating with dancers and using a generative system to create artificial life from the dances.

Watch Ganesh's Viz Symposium video

Brandon Jarratt

Brandon’s work focuses on analyzing pipelines in CG film and video game industries and applying their structures to educational environments.

Watch Brandon's Viz Symposium video

Anahita Salimi

Anahita’s work focuses on creating character design styles based on the combination of 2D and 3D characteristics.

Watch Anahita's Viz Symposium video