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Scholarly Work

The Department of Visualization is dedicated to making advances across multiple platforms and technologies. Through faculty and student collaboration, we provide many research opportunities. This includes authoring and co-authoring academic papers, creating content for groundbreaking research projects, and showcasing artwork at local galleries. Below are current research laboratories operating within our department.



HCI@Viz is a Lab housed in the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University that consists of five research groups. The Lab conducts research in Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Centered Computing, and interactive systems. Together, the five groups span topics ranging from embodied interaction, virtual and augmented reality, data visualization, child-computer interaction, soft materials interaction, and interactive storytelling amongst others.


Learning Interactive Visualization Experience Lab (LIVE Lab)

All across the globe efforts are underway to incorporate game technology and methodologies into the classroom experience and within educational research. To help answer this charge the Learning Interactive Visualization Experience Lab was created as part of the Department of Visualization. The LIVE Lab's mission is to collaborate with other departments, colleges, and universities to create an environment that fosters the researches and development of educational experiences for the use in the classroom from K – 12, Higher education, Corporate, Government, and NGO’s.