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MFA-Viz Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into prerequisite courses (to be taken as directed on admission; no credit awarded towards the degree), three required core course (12 credits), prescribed electives (17 credits), free electives (11 credits) and professional study research (20 credits) for a total of 60 credits.


Degree Requirements

Required Courses      12 hours
Prescribed Electives   17 hours
Free Electives              11 hours
Professional Study     20 hours
TOTAL                          60 hours


Required Courses & Research Studio

VIZA 630:  Contemporary Art Studio/Seminar I (4 hours)
VIZA 631:  Contemporary Art Studio/Seminar II (4 hours)
VIZA 680:  Professional Practice (4 hours)
VIZA 693:  Professional Study (20 hours) 

Prescribed Electives

Choose one from each group below:

VIZA 654 Digital Image (4 hours)
VIZA 656 Image Synthesis (4 hours)


VIZA 622:  Design Communication I (4 hours)
VIZA 643:  Time-based Media I (4 hours)


VIZA 614:  Form, Installation, and Environment (3 hours)
VIZA 684:  Professional Internship (3 hours)


Choose at least six credit hours from the list below:

VIZA 613:  3D Modeling and Animation (4 hours)
VIZA 614:  Form, Installation, and Environment (3 hours)*
VIZA 615:  Computer Animation (4 hours)
VIZA 616:  Rendering and Shading (3 hours)
VIZA 617:  Advanced Animation (4 hours)
VIZA 618:  Facial Modeling and Animation (3 hours)
VIZA 622:  Design Communication I (4 hours)*
VIZA 623:  Design Communication II (3 hours)
VIZA 625:  Multi-media Web Design (3 hours)
VIZA 626:  Generative Art (3 hours)
VIZA 627:  Design Communication III (3 hours)
VIZA 629:  Digital Media Inspiration and Process (3 hours)
VIZA 641:  Visual Storytelling (3 hours)
VIZA 643:  Time-based Media I (4 hours)*
VIZA 644:  Time-based Media II (3 hours)
VIZA 647:  Color Photography (3 hours)
VIZA 654:  Digital Image (4 hours)*
VIZA 656:  Image Synthesis (4 hours)*
VIZA 657:  Computer Aided Sculpting (3 hours)
VIZA 662:  Physical Computing for Art & Design (3 hours)
VIZA 665:  Digital Compositing (4 hours)
*If not taken to fulfill one of the specific divided electives listed above.

Free Electives

Students are required to complete 11 semester credit hours in any graduate level course or undergraduate level course designated as 300-400 level, with approval of their advisory committee chair.


Body of Work

The student is expected, in concert with their advisory committee, to identify a conceptual and/or aesthetic basis for their body of work. The student is then expected to develop a significant body of visual work that explores the identified basis.


Departmental Requirements for MFA Degree