Spring 2011 VIST Show

posted May 8, 2012
On May 2nd, work from undergraduate VIST courses was showcased in the lobby of Geren Auditorium and various locations in the Langford complex.

Movement Studies

posted April 16, 2012
During the first week of April students in the ARTS 308 sculpture class executed their third mini-exhibition – “Movement Studies.” Eleven solo and team projects explored kinesthetic qualities of the body and nature.

The Guardian Project

posted March 21, 2012
Under the direction of Natalie Pittman and Dick Davison, students from two sections of VIST-106 were tasked with creating “guardian” figures.

Principles of Design

posted March 9, 2012
Paolo Piscitelli’s VIST-106 class explored the principles of three dimensional design with a series of projects using lines.

Beyond Human Form

posted March 2, 2012
The ARTS 308 (Sculpture) class presented their second project of the semester in the department’s production studio. Seventeen projects were exhibited at the show.

Exploring Stop Motion

posted February 14, 2012
The VIST-206 students presented 30 seconds stop motion animations for their first project of the semester. Students developed their own stories relating to nature thematically.

Fall Shows 2011

posted December 16, 2011
Once again, students worked around the clock at the Viz Lab to finish their animation and video projects for the department’s end-of-semester fall-shows. The first exhibition featured flatwork, sculptures, and animated projects created by students in the undergrad (VIST) program.

Making an Aggie Ring

posted October 14, 2011
The fifty-nine first-year students in VIST 105, the foundation design class in the Department of Visualization, are already thinking about 2015, the year they graduate. Just mention that year to them, and a loud whoop is the response.

Record Enrollment

posted September 16, 2011
With record enrollment exceeding 50,000 students this fall, it is no surprise that the BS-Viz and MS-Viz programs have also expanded to record sizes.

Students Explore Animated-Art

posted November 19, 2010
Under the direction of Donna Hajash, Phillip Galanter, and Junghee Hahm, students in VIST-105 explored the foundational elements of 2D animation by creating shadow puppets reminiscent of those first used when the art of “animated” visual-storytelling began.