News Stories

The Guardian Project

posted March 21, 2012
Under the direction of Natalie Pittman and Dick Davison, students from two sections of VIST-106 were tasked with creating “guardian” figures.

Principles of Design

posted March 9, 2012
Paolo Piscitelli’s VIST-106 class explored the principles of three dimensional design with a series of projects using lines.

Artist In Residence – Claudia Chaseling

posted March 9, 2012
Visiting artist Claudia Chaseling worked with students at the Architecture Ranch this past week. The group is developing plans for a mural and installation/performance.

Former Vizzers help ‘Rango’ earn Oscar

posted March 8, 2012
And the Oscar for Best Animated Feature goes to … “Rango,” the first feature-length animated movie created by the digital wizards — including eight former Texas A&M MS Visualization students — at Industrial Light & Magic. Aggie Vizzer Kevin Reuter worked for ILM as look development supervisor on the film.

Beyond Human Form

posted March 2, 2012
The ARTS 308 (Sculpture) class presented their second project of the semester in the department’s production studio. Seventeen projects were exhibited at the show.