Students Create Virtual Worlds


Students in VIST-405 demonstrated a variety of immersive virtual installations, their first project of the semester. Under the direction of new faculty member, Hwaryoung Seo, students worked in small groups over the course of three weeks that culminated with demonstrations of their installations. During each presentation, students discussed concept development, character and environment design, technical research and implementation, 3D modeling, and programming. Each group then demonstrated its installation, allowing members from the audience to participate.

The class’s goal was to create a unique interactive and immersive virtual installation. A wide variety of environments were created, ranging from a forest-like representation of a computer to 3D interpretations of paintings. Each group also utilized a variety of interfaces, including a Wiimote, a Kinect, and a webcam. The end results showed a very strong mesh between art and programming.

posted September 26, 2011