News Stories

Visualization Industry Partners

posted May 7, 2010
On May 7th, a select group of visualization industry partners(VIPs) gathered and met with faculty to discuss current needs and trends.

A 16 Year Reflection on the Gaming Industry

posted May 6, 2010
May 6th , Harvey Smith spoke to students and faculty about his experience in the gaming industry, current trends, and the possible future of this field.

Spring 2010 VIST Show

posted May 5, 2010
On May 5th, work from undergraduate VIST courses was showcased in the lobby of Geren Auditorium. Projects on display ranged from traditional art to interactive computer-based systems.

Blue Sky Studios and Stereoscopic Films

posted April 12, 2010
Jayme Wilkinson, Lead Stereographer for Blue Sky, gave a presentation to students and faculty on the subject of stereoscopic production.

Former students Keith Klohn and Angelique Reisch visit campus

posted April 2, 2010
Former students, Keith Klohn and Angelique Reisch returned to the Viz Lab to spend two days interviewing students for internships and PUP (PIXAR’s Undergraduate Program).

DreamWorks and Viz Lab gear up for summer course

posted March 29, 2010
On March 25th, Dave Walvoord and Jim Conrads met with students, faculty, and staff to discuss plans for this summer’s upcoming DreamWorks animation course.

Visiting artist Anita Kunz conducts workshop

posted March 29, 2010
A lucky group of students got the opportunity to participate in a weekend illustration workshop conducted by illustrator Anita Kunz.

Dave Walvoord, DreamWorks digital effects supervisor, visits campus

posted March 29, 2010
Dave Walvoord, former MS-Viz student, returned to campus and delivered a talk on “Lighting for Animation.”

Former student’s work featured on Colbert Report

posted March 23, 2010
Animated work by former student Ruben DeLuna was featured on The Colbert Report during an interview conducted with author Annie Leonard.

Former students play lead roles in PIXAR’s Oscar-winning UP

posted March 10, 2010
Eighteen former students were on the PIXAR crew who created the Oscar-winning film “UP” – three with “lead” credit, two with “supervisor” credit and one with “lighting director” credit.

Production begins on Viz-a-Go-Go 17

posted March 8, 2010
Late one night in the Administration Building, a group of students from the MS-Viz program gathered to begin production on the interstitials for Viz-a-Go-Go 17

Student work premieres at SXSW

posted March 2, 2010
Oscar Berrio’s experimental short, “Vertigo”, will make its world premiere in Austin at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW).

Rome Digitally Reborn

posted February 26, 2010
This week, students met with Bernard Frischer who discussed the history and current use of 3D computer modeling methods to reconstruct historical sites.

Students enjoy a rare snow day in Aggieland

posted February 24, 2010
It snowed in Aggieland! In just a few hours on the 23rd of February, inches of snow blanketed the area. This is a rare meteorological occurrence for this part of the country.

Current Students visit studios in Singapore

posted February 18, 2010
Christine Liu and Adán Peña visited Singapore as part of Contact Singapore’s Experience@Singapore: Interactive and Digital Media program. The program included undergraduate and graduate students from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.