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Gary Bruins, Effects Supervisor for “Up”, visits campus

posted November 20, 2009
Gary Bruins, former MS-Viz student, returned to campus to talk about the challenges PIXAR faced while making the movie, UP. Gary and his effects-team had to create computer-based simulation methods for the balloons, clouds and other elements in the film.

Pat James discusses PIXAR’s use of Matte Paintings

posted November 20, 2009
Sometimes you have to use smoke and mirrors. Pat James, another former MS-Viz student working at PIXAR, showed examples of how his team pushed the principles of 2D matte-painting to create the environmental looks for Wall-E.

Lucas Arts Visits Viz

posted November 19, 2009
Jason Smith, Digital Production Supervisor, and Katie Layous, University Relations Coordinator for Lucas Arts, visited with students and faculty to discuss various career options at Lucas Arts and the other divisions of Lucas Film.